How Does Home Automation Work?

How does home automation work?

L3 Homeation provides Z-Wave home automation solution which helps to make an affordable smart home in Singapore. The Z wave home automation solution is reliable, proven and have been installed widely in Europe and USA.  Z-Wave is an expendable home automation system.  You could start with a basic system and expand it as your need grow.  Z-wave is a very affordable home automation solution that most Singaporean could afford.

Momentary Switch For Dimmer
Network Inclusion
Keep Your Light Fixtures
System Setup
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Momentary Switch For Dimmer

How to use a 2 position momentary switch with Fibaro FGD211?

Dimmable lights not just providing comfort to your eyes but it is environmental friendly.  Dimming your light by 35% could provide you energy saving up to 20%. You could have more evenly spread of lighting in your space with more lamps but does not increase your electric bill drastically.

It is easy to understand how to use a 3 position momentary switch to control Fibaro FGD211, it is less obvious that how a 2 position momentary switch work with Fibaro FGD211.

The following chart gives you a quick overview on how it works.

Current State   Actions Outcomes
Off-W50 Off Click one click dim-w45  Turn on light to the brightness before it was switch off
Off-W50 Off ClickClick Double clicks bright-W50 Turn on to maximum brightness
Off-W50 Off Press-Hold Press & Hold ram-upbright-W50 From off, increasing brightness.  Release at the desire brightness.
 dim-w45 On Click One click  Off-W50 Turn off the light.
 dim-w45 On ClickClick Double clicks  bright-W50 Turn the light to maximum brightness
 dim-w45 On Press-Hold Press & Hold  ram-upbright-W50 Gradually brighten the light if the last action was dimming the light.
 dim-w45 On Press-Hold Press & Hold   ram-downOff-W50 Gradually dimming the light if the last action is increasing the brightness
Network Inclusion

Inclusion of your Z-Wave device

Next, you need to include z-wave devices into your Z-wave network. The process is known as inclusion or sometime association. It is a similar process like paring your Bluetooth mouse to your PC or pairing your Bluetooth phone to your audio system. Just as simple !!

paring VeraLite with the Z Wave switch module
paring VeraLite with the Z Wave switch module


Now the fun starts !!

After the devices are paired, you can begin to set up you home automation.

For examples:

  • Turn on your living room light when you open your door from outside.
  • Received an alert email in your office when someone presses your home doorbell.

The programming is not more difficult than setting up your smart phone. We will provide you plenty of couching and you will enjoy it with your family.

It is that simple !! It is affordable ! It is expandable !! It is your home automation !!

You don’t sign any contract or pay any monthly subscription. You own the system. You decide when and how you would expand your home network.

Programming the scence
Programming the scence
Keep Your Light Fixtures
Interior design of modern Living room
Interior design of modern Living room

There is no need to change your expensive and carefully selected designer light fitting to those odd looking wireless controlled bulbs. The control is in the wall but not at your light bulb. No rewiring job to your existing lighting is required.


There are also extension plugs available. Just plugs it between the wall socket and your device, your device is now Z-Wave enabled.


System Setup

Connecting your Z-Wave gateway

Gateway such as VeraLite or Zipabox is compact and aesthetically good. The controller could control more than 200 devices in a single network. It is more than sufficient for any house or small office need.

The controller is compact and you could hide it in your electrical closet if you wish.

Connecting your Z-Wave modules

There are micro modules, which could be installed in the wall behind your beautiful and interior design matching switch. Your existing switch is use to switch the z wave module and the light is connected to the Z-Wave modules.

In most cases, no rewiring is needed. The wall switch function just as it is. You turn on/off /dim the light locally. (Electrical installation need to be done by a qualify electrician).

Wirelessly control: After the installation, this switch could also be controlled by the z-wave remote controllers or your smart phone anywhere in your house.

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Globally control: Where-ever your smart phone or tablet could access the internet, you can control your Z-wave devices at home.

There are a variety of Z-Wave remote controllers from various markers to choose from. Most Z-Wave devices are compatible to each other regardless of manufacturer.

How It Works

(1) Z –Wave gateway is the brain of your home control system. It transmits Z-Wave control signal to other Z-Wave modules. For example, it commands the module to On/Off/dim a light. Connect the Z-Wave gateway to your existing WiFi Modem by a cable. It enables you to control your appliances anywhere if internet access is available.

(2) A micro-module (Z-Wave device) is inserted behind your wall switch. It receives the command from the gateway to turn On/Off/Dim the light/appliance.

(3) Z-Wave remote controller can also be used to control any switch or appliance which is attached to the z-wave network.

(4) You can use smart phone to control any switch or appliances which is attached to the z-wave network.

(5) To control your Z-Wave enable appliances, use your smart phone connects to your gateway through broadband network.

Costs and Features

modern interior

How much does it cost?

Several years ago, your interior designer might ask you for $15,000 in order to automate your house lighting and appliances. It is not anymore.

You starts your package as low as

Key Facts:

  • Start your system as low as S$500.
  • No monthly contract or subscription fee to pay.
  • In most cases, no rewiring of your house is needed.
  • Plenty of free Apps to use with iOS or Android device.
  • No other hidden cost or cancellation fee to pay. It is DIYable.

Remote home control

Home Automation Video

The video clip below will help you to understand more.


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