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Let L3 Homeation help you set your home up with the perfect home automation system designed specifically for your needs and budget. View our products or contact us directly if you have any questions about setting up your home. We are here to help!

Singapore is en route to becoming the world’s first smart nation.  Under the iDA initiative, home automation has caught everyone interest.  L3 Homeation implemented hundreds of Z-Wave smart home system in last few months.  The smart home market is expected to grow exponentially in the next two years.

Approximately 60% of L3 Homeation individual home customers are condominium dwellers. 10% is from landed property and the remaining 30% are various sizes of HDB apartments.  Home automation is no longer a luxurious hobby for the few rich but becoming an essential features of modern living.

Our Z-Wave home automation system are easy to install, program and expandable.  Plenty of free apps or pro version of smart phone apps are supporting the Z-Wave home automation system.  They are viable for iPhone and Android smart phone.

Typical implementation cost for a smart home in Singapore is just a small fraction of your home renovation cost. Cost has been drastically reduce as compare to 3 years ago due to the advancement of technology and the popularization of the Z Wave smart home system.

2 bedroom unit:  $850 - $1800

3 bedroom unit: $1200 - $3000



Choose the right system and device

Unnecessary overkill of controllers or devices does not benefit you. We know what is best for your needs.


Skill and installation productivity

Installation generally takes up to 20-30% of the implementation cost. Untrained installers could double your installation cost.



Start your plan before you start your home renovation. A retrofit house installation could cost additional 20% installation cost due to additional wiring may be required.

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L3 Homeation knows that electrical safety and reliability is every home owner's concern. Your system will be installed by our dedicated installation team. You can be assured that your smart home system is in good hands.


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